Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1 – All You need to know

For a while now there have been whispers about a new device called Xperia Honami, the device was finally launched and is called the Sony Xperia Z1. As many Sony user would know there is already Sony Xperia Z available in the market, but honestly it could use some updates. Sony has heard your suggestions and the new Xperia Z1 is an improvement, and comes with extra added features. It was predicted that we would see high price tags on the new devices, which was mainly because of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip­set. The main focus of improvements from the Xperia Z were the hardware, camera, and display, which have been taken care of. Below we will discuss the changes that the new device carries.

Sony Xperia Z1


In sight the new Xperia Z1 looks a lot like Xperia Z, but there are a few minor changes. It looks tidy, with a simple glass covering its front and back. The camera is located on the top left back, with an LED flash just below the lens. There is a large aluminum power button, which is placed on the right side of the device. Moreover, it has an aluminum bezel flowing around the device, which is made with a single piece of metal. It not only makes it look better, also makes it easier to hold the device. Z1 is slightly fatter than Z, but its a change hard to tell. The Z1 is a large device, and one handed operation are not easy. The device is waterproof and dust­proof, and can survive under water for 30 minutes, in 1.5 meters depth.


The paper details of Z1 led us to believe that the display has not changed, but we were informed that the display has been updated. The device comes with a 5 inch HD display, and amazing pixel density. Sony Xperia Z1 display boasts the Bravia technology found in Sony TV’s. The technology claims it boosts color, contrast ratios, and sharpens the display. Different viewing angles are not as good as AMOLED, but are not all that bad. The White and black colors tend to turn grey when viewing the display at a large angle.


Inside the design runs the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, a quad core processor at 2.2 GHz, the Adreno 330 GPU, and 2 GB of RAM. The combination of these can handle anything you throw at it, and lags are out of question. Until now only S4 and HTC One was able to set a high benchmark score, but this device can steam them out easily. A hardware this powerful is not easy to slow down, and needs a lot of power. To ensure that they have put together a 3000 mAh battery.


This device runs on Jelly Bean 4.2.2 which is not the latest software, which does not make much of a difference as the changes are minor. The device might get an update to 4.3 soon, or they will directly offer you the 4.4 Kit Kat in a few months. Sony has made a few modifications on this android, and the most prominent feature is the launcher. This way users can easily add or remove home screens, and organize the icons. Sony did not stop there, and have also modified some applications. For instance there is no stock gallery any more, now they have added Xperia gallery. Furthermore, they have added their own music player, which is amazing and add a lot to the device.


The device comes packed with a 20.7 mega­pixel camera which is amazing, and has a sensor 1/2.3 inches which is better than most smart­phones. The camera uses a wide angle of 27 mm f/2.0 G lens, and to kill the noise in low light photos they have added Bionz image processor. The outdoor performance was good, and the difference in low light photos are prominent, and each image has great detail to it. The camera software is smarter than ever, you can now load applications in the camera. The camera software also allows you to stream videos live to Facebook, and you can pick between modes like HDR and panorama.


The Z1 is surely amongst the most powerful devices today, and it mocks the S4 in many ways. The device will come with a huge price tag, but it holds a lot more than Z. In simple words they have made it worth the price, as it has all the pros of Sony to make it a great device.

Convert Your iPhone 5 Look into iPhone 5s

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iPhone 5s

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Here below is an almost four-minute video detailing how to install the gold version. This gold kit might make a nice place-holder for those of you actually waiting to get a gold iPhone 5s anyway. Try Raffi first, of course, but if he can’t get you a gold iPhone 5s, this $20 sticker kit could help.

4.6 million Sony Xperia Z sold

Sony Xperia Z has been sold 4.6 million in a short span of just 40 days, such is the popularity of Xperia brand of smartphones from Sony mobiles that in spite of being a little expensive, users are going for it like anything. After all getting such a huge sales figure in this much time is really something which would delight the Japanese electronics manufacturer. This Sony Xperia Z has got all the reason to be at this position as it was released at a very competitive price range and yet loaded with many powerful features.The Sony Xperia Z price is 38000 – 40000 as available online. Xperia z ultra is also available.
Sony xperia z
Sony Xperia Z features some exciting configuration coupled with many innovative software. The build quality is superb and it has got a larger capacitive touchscreen which is bright and supports a 1080 x 1920 pixels of Full HD resolutions at a 5” large LCD offering 16 M colors. The processor is a 1.5GHz Krait Snapdragon from Qualcomm and it has even got a dedicated Adreno 320 GPU for powerful and smooth graphic engine. The RAM included is 2GB and this combination of power and speed takes it miles ahead of its competitors.

The camera in Sony Xperia Z is a 13.1MP primary camera offering an awesome resolution of 4128×3086 pixels and equipped with auto focus, LED flash for brighter images. The video recording is fine at 1080p HD at a frame rate of 30fps. The primary camera is best in its class and the secondary camera is equally impressive with 2.2MP for video calling.

The internet and network connectivity is effortlessly smooth as there is GPRS and EDGE support with data transfer rate of up to 107 kbps and 296kbps respectively. The network supported range matches the entire range and it come with support for 4G as well. The files sharing utilities included are Bluetooth v4.0 with A2Dp and Wi-Fi 802.11 with Hot-Spot tethering facility.The battery to power all such heavy duty features is a 2330mAH Li-Ion which provides an ample power backup for considerably long as its standby time is over 500 hours on either of the 2G or 3G network. It can play music files for about 40 hours while running on battery pack.

The software pack wraps some exciting set of utilities and many of pre-installed application for Social media. The browser is an Android web browser with latest HTML 5 support and Java MIDP emulator. The navigation is A-GPS powered by GLONASS. This all set of rich features uses an Android Jelly Bean as OS. Sony Xperia Z pictures portray its bigger and brighter LED screen and the square shaped design which has now become a trademark design in Xperias, they differ only in their soul content and the screen size and it’s tough to find any difference in their design all look same. But this one looks best among the rest. Its Sony and its Sony Xperia Z at their very best. Its water and dust resistant as depicted in the commercial. No wonder the sales figure has been so soaring ever since its launch. Get back for more information, on Xperia z later.

iPhone 4 16GB Unlock Code

One of the iPhone generations is the iPhone 4 16GB launched by the Apple Inc which has brought the company, world and the users in to a new dimension. It was released in the middle of 2010. It is not a simple phone like the other ones, but is a smartphone with so many attractive features and options for its user.

It can not only be used for making calls and text messages but can also be used for taking pictures, visual voice mail, portable media player, WIFI connection and as an internet device that can be used to access emails, internet browsing and so much more which makes it a phone, a netboook, a notebook, translator, organizer, GPS device, a portable media player and gaming console, a map, pocket dictionary and much more. You name the feature and iPhone 4 has got it all.
iPhone 4 can be purchased from retailers like AT&T and Verizon. Such iPhone 4 will be SIM mlocked to that particular network from where it would be purchased. What is a SIM lock? A GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) iPhone 4 works with a SIM card. It is necessary for it. This chip has all the contacts information, network carrier and security settings. Such a GSM iPhone requires a SIM card to be used anywhere in the world.

However, an iPhone 4 purchased from a retailer will be definitely locked to that network and will show a lock message if you try to use another network’s SIM card. What should be done then? You might end up buying another iPhone with some other network to use that network and it might not be much pocket friendly for you. There is, however, a simpler solution to this problem. Unlock your phone using Unlock Code iPhone 4 16GB.

There can be two possible ways to unlock an iPhone, either use a cable to attach your iPhone to your PC and download an unlock software for iPhone. If you are not a professional at unlocking or you are a bit hesitant then this method might be a little risky for your iPhone. A safer way is to buy code to Unlock iPhone 4 16GB.
There are online companies with good reputation that provide unlock code fro iPhone 4 16GB at reasonable prices. Unlocking is a once-a-life time procedure so spending a few dollars might not be a pain but changing your phones just for the sake of changing networks can be a problem. You do not need to send away your phone to the company for unlocking procedure to be completed. They ask for some simple specifications of your iPhone and your contact details, and you get the secret unlock code via email.

Once you get the iPhone 4 16GB unlocked you can use any network’s SIM card on it anywhere in the world. So if you are a person who travels abroad a lot and want to take your iPhone 4 unlock 16GB with you everywhere then unlocking is definitely for you.

iPhone 3GS 8GB Unlock Code

iPhone 3GS is the modified version of the previous iPhone 3 by the Apple Inc. If you do not yet own an iPhone and want to buy one, go for the iPhone 3GS and prefer it over the iPhone 3. So why buy an iPhone 3GS and not iPhone 3?

Well there are many reasons to count. One, it is much faster than the previous iPhone. It has a higher processing speed and connects to the web pages much faster. It runs on a better operating system as compared to the previous iPhone 3. The operating system in iPhone 3GS is iOS 3.0. Second, you might want to use your phone camera out whenever you are in the sudden need of a camera to take a picture.
Of course you would want your phone’s camera to work in the best possible way. iPhone 3GS has a 3 Mega Pixels camera which gives good results. Third, there is a new Voice control function in the phone. By giving just your voice command you can control your iPhone 3GS. Tell the phone to dial a number by simply telling the name of that particular person. Besides this voice control feature you can record your voice too. The Cut, Copy and Paste feature is also new. If you encounter a useful page or portion of the webpage while browsing or from any email, you can simply cut or copy that particular part and paste it anywhere you desire.

This is a brief overview of the new features introduced in the new iPhone 3GS. There is a problem, however, with the newly purchased iPhone. Chances are that it would be locked to the particular network from which you bought your iPhone such as Verizon network or AT&T network.

This restriction does not allow you to move to any other network except AT&T or Verizon when you are in the contract with that particular network provider. Breaking out from this restriction is called unlocking. Unlocking simply means removing the SIM lock from your iPhone. This can be done by attaching your iPhone to your PC with the help of a cable and unlock it by using software. This can be a little risky if you are doing it for the first time. Another way is to buy Unlock Code iPhone 3GS 8GB.
There are so many companies online which provide the people with the unlocking service especially the unlocking of iPhones as they are becoming more and more popular with every passing day. Browse through them online and look for a reputable company from where you can purchase code to Unlock iPhone 3GS 8GB.

The procedure is simple and easy and unlocking takes place without any risk of losing your iPhone 3GS. The process is once-in-a-lifetime; you pay once and unlock the phone. However, the advantages are endless and the phone does not get SIM locked again. Use any network’s SIM card on your unlocked iPhone and have a greater access to the Apple’s store iTunes for different applications and features for your iPhone 3GS.